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North Cumberland WMA

Our property adjoins the North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area, which encompasses the Royal Blue WMA and Sundquist WMA. At 140,000 acres, this is the second largest area of public property in Tennessee. While exploring the WMA on your ATV, you will see wildlife including majestic elk, deer, rare birds, and even bears! The speed limit within the WMA is 25 mph.

Riding ATVs and UTVs on TWRA trails requires a permit. Only one permit per ATV/UTV is required. You can purchase permits at


Tennessee Residents

Daily rate: $15 (Type 36)

Annual pass: $53 (Type 1 plus Type 93)

Junior Annual pass: $35 (Type 2 plus Type 94)

Out of State Visitors

Daily rate: $38 (Type 37)

Seven day pass: $81 (Type 72 plus Type 93)

Annual pass: $133

Junior Annual pass: $36 (Type 70 plus Type 94)

Children 12 years and under and passengers do not need a permit.

While operating ATVs on Walden Woods properties, the speed limit is 10 mph. Do not operate ATVs except on graveled and paved surfaces. 

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